I started messaging a guy from OKCupid a little over a week ago. Short messages quickly became long messages, then became long texts, then became 3-4 hour phone calls 5 nights in a row until we finally met up for the first time Saturday. He's fantastic, exactly what I would want in a guy. He has the EXACT same sense of humor, likes a lot of things I like, we get along great, all that good stuff. Conversation flows very naturally and (at least from my end) everything feels really comfortable. First date ended with a mildly awkward but not bad first kiss.
Yesterday, we had a movie day at his place (date #2). First movie- sat next to each other, arms touching but nothing else. 2nd and 3rd movie- arm around me, snuggled up. 4th movie- spooning on the couch, which dissolved into the most glorious make-out session. Really hot, lots of grinding on each other, great stuff. What I really appreciate about him is that he moves slowly. He didn't touch my ass until a good 20 mins into the make out, and everything proceeded at a fairly similar pace. When his hand wandered too far south I politely told him I thought we should slow down, and then apologized (I felt bad), though he said there was nothing to be sorry for. I ended up spending the night, fully clothed, no sex.
So, the problem is that I CANNOT READ THIS GUY. On the one hand, all his actions point to him really liking me. On the other hand, I CANNOT get him to say anything to that effect. The one time I did get something out of him, it was "I like you. I think we get along well and I'm having a good time." Not said with any enthusiasm, not emphatic, just simply stated. I can't tell if he's just a man of few words and prefers action or what. Does he find my need to hear something annoying and needy? Does he like me as much as I like him? If he doesn't I want to know NOW because I'm the type who just knows quickly what I want and I let myself go when I find it, but if he's not that interested I'm about to get really hurt.